Marrakech is different. It is vibrant, hectic, crazy, sometimes infuriating, but yet lovable and intoxicating. It is so different to Europe, but yet so accessible.

The reason we love it here is that we feel alive. There is so much activity, excitement. One can sit in a café for hours and watch Marrakech go about its day to day business. It’s gloriously chaotic. People, mopeds, lorries, donkeys, taxis, bicycles, hand-carts and Ferraris all vying for the same space.

It might on occasions be maddening, but it is never dull. It is interactive. The souks can be daunting – the cacophony of sound and people selling their wares is a culture shock to many. We are not really used to this in the UK but it’s not sterile, it’s alive!


It’s an awful cliché, but the people are genuinely friendly. In their culture, they always have time. It is rude not to greet and be hospitable. There is no fear of being abandoned here or being stuck on a motorway with no assistance. If your car has broken down people will always come and help you. And their help is unconditional. Often their friendliness is misinterpreted as wanting something. This is not true. They have time for family and strangers alike. Their time comes with no strings attached.


And yet, it’s a place to be wonderfully indulgent. Hidden amongst this chaos is the refined comfort of staying in a riad, an oasis of calm. Spending time in a riad is like being transcended into a completely different environment. It’s calm, serene and luxurious. The architecture is unique, the zellij and plaster work showcasing the fact Moroccan culture and skills are still very much alive.

Luxurious villas, are located outside the medina but close enough to be accessible. They are spacious and luxurious, all with gardens, terraces, private pools and many with their own spa areas. There is no sense of meanness here.


It is quite different to our somewhat controlled and structured environment.  It’s not for everyone. Some find the interaction intimidating. But for those with an open mind, Marrakech is an intoxicating mixture of chaos and sophistication. With our concierge service, pre and post trip advice and hand-picked accommodation in the right locations, we ensure our clients avoid the pitfalls and get the very best out of Marrakech.

So whether it’s the souks, the spas, the glorious backdrop of the snow covered Atlas Mountains, the cuisine, the surprisingly active night life, or the quality of the accommodation, Marrakech has far more to offer than just excellent golf courses.

And, at the end of a full day in Marrakech, you know you are alive. Isn’t that the point of living?