Essaouira is one of the most beautiful towns in Morocco – more laid back than other towns and cities, it has for a long while been a magnet for artists, travellers and Moroccans escaping the hurried pace of life.  Whilst it also attracts many tourists the town remains remarkably unaffected and the locals go about their business as they have for centuries.

The town is known for its fishing port with its distinctive blue boats, artisan industries and the medina is a wonderful place to ramble around browsing for arts, crafts and jewellery.  In the carpenters souk craftsmen can be seen carving intricate trinkets and furniture out of thuya and cedar wood, wares to be sold all over Morocco and abroad. Argan oil is produced locally and exported widely for everything from salad dressings to cosmetics.

Essaouira is around 2.5 hours from Marrakech so makes for a good day trip or a 2-3 night stay.




There is always the option to stay at the modern and lovely Sofitel Golf and Spa resort with its 4 restaurants and great facilities just 10 minutes away from Essaouira. However we also feature many superb and authentic Moroccan riads and boutique hotels in centre of Essaouira which are fantastic for both smaller groups and couples.