If you are looking for something different for your next golfing trip then Marrakech offers a great alternative to golf in Spain or Portugal. Marrakech, just 3 hours away from the UK with its endless blue skies and sunny days, makes for the ideal golfing destination. And with more than 14 excellent courses in the city all within 30 minutes of each other, beautifully manicured greens and designed for golfers of all levels you will be spoilt for choice. Each course has its own unique characteristics but all are well designed with many offering spectacular views of the Atlas Mountains whilst being shaded by traditional flora from the region including olive and palm trees.


In addition to the glorious weather, the courses are extremely quiet meaning that tee times can be booked for convenient times allowing you flexibility to enjoy other activities outside of the golf. Even on busy days a round would not typically exceed 4 hours. On the very rare occasions where bad weather or rain is forecast it is often possible to move tee times to avoid the worst of it.

With such a superb climate golf can be played in Marrakech all year round, although the summer months of July and August can get a little hot for some at 40 degrees plus. Whilst some mad dogs and Englishmen will brave the heat and still play 9 or 18 holes in the summer (usually starting at 7am and at reduced green fees!), we would suggest that golf on the cooler coast around 3 hours drive away is more pleasurable and we can easily organise day or overnight trips to play the lovely courses at Essaouria or El Jadida if requested.


With the exception of one, the courses also have caddies available at a very reasonable price. For around a £10 investment there is no need to carry your clubs or rake your own bunkers (some are of Sahara proportion in Marrakech), you will have clean clubs at all times, far less lost balls, advance warning of unseen hazards, less putts on the green and in many cases an on course coach to correct those problems that affect all golfers from time to time. If you haven’t before, try it out.

If you would rather not bring your own golf clubs to Marrakech then we can arrange golf club hire for the duration of your stay or a one off round. The cost for a week is typically the same as bringing your own clubs with you on your flight.


We have picked out a few of our favourite and best maintained Marrakech golf courses to give you a flavour of what to expect. We will recommend which courses to play based on the location of your accommodation, length of stay and ability of your group. All the courses have tee positions to suit different handicaps and for the low handicappers the professional tees (often black) are always open.

These will be regularly updated based upon feedback ensuring our clients always get the best golfing experience possible. All of the Marrakech courses are reachable within 40 minutes and usually less (all transport provided) allowing maximum flexibility. If another course in Marrakech takes your fancy that is also fine – we have arrangements with them all.


Marrakech offers something a little different for the golf traveller. A country steeped in tradition, culture and beauty, it is a contrast to its European neighbours and gives the “feel” of a far more distant location. Let us know your requirements and we will put together a never to be forgotten golf trip to one of the world’s most exotic destinations.