We have hand-picked our luxury accommodation options for you in the knowledge that they will work well for your stay and allow you to get the best possible experience in Marrakech.

When coming to Marrakech there are a vast number of accommodation options to choose from. Using our in depth knowledge of Marrakech we have chosen to offer only those that we know will work well for our clients in terms of quality, service and location. Our choice of accommodation for you would depend on the size and make up of your group, what activities (golf and non-golf) you wish to enjoy whilst in Marrakech and your budget. We will discuss options with each group and then propose accommodation that we know will meet your specific needs.


For those that want to spend time and get the complete Marrakech experience, then the “Riad in the Medina” experience is essential, especially if this is your first visit to Marrakech. We only work with Riads that we would stay in ourselves, offering the appropriate level of quality, food, service and very importantly location. Because we have chosen our locations carefully they all have good access ensuring most of the golf courses can be reached within 30-40 minutes of leaving your Riad.


However, for many the idea of spending a few days in a staffed, private luxury Villa with swimming pool is just too tempting. All of our Villas are located on or near golf courses and most within a 20 minute drive of the main attractions in Marrakech. We have chosen Villas for their “wow” factor.  For both Riads and Villas we would recommend eating dinner in at least once which will be prepared in-house. In some of the larger Villas entertainment (music, magicians, belly dancers etc) can be provided for those that want to create a very special and unforgettable occasion. Some of the larger ones also have tennis courts, petanque, pool tables and even their own spas. Luxury living at a cost that couldn’t be achieved in Europe.


For those who prefer a hotel we can provide a number of options,  both within and outside of the Medina, depending on the size of the group. We have sourced hotels for their service and architecture so our clients will still have an authentic Marrakech experience whilst staying in the slightly more formal environment of a hotel. All our Riad Hotels have swimming pools.


Marrakech offers fantastic luxury accommodation options to cater for all sizes of group and various budgets. Let us know your requirements and we’ll put together a never to be forgotten golf trip to one of the world’s most exotic destinations.