We have been on and heard about many golf tours… hiring the car at the airport, wasting hours signing paperwork and getting lost. And then being at a loose end wondering what to do after hacking around a busy golf course.

Not In Marrakech.

We offer vehicles with English-speaking drivers from the time you arrive in Marrakech, until the time you depart. Depending on the number of people in your party the transport is either in Land Cruisers, or smart ‘People Carriers’. The drivers are available day and night. Each vehicle has two drivers.

Therefore the drivers are available during the day to do the golf run, taking any non-golfers on visits in and around Marrakech or on further afield day excursions.  In the evening getting to any restaurant, bar or even a night club if you are up for it will be hassle free.  If any members want to come back earlier than the others in the group – no problem.

We also provide a 24 hour on call concierge. You will be met at your riad or villa and over a pot of mint tea, or something stronger, your concierge will take you through the programme and options of what to do in Marrakech (and beyond) as well as make/amend any reservations and provide advice as needed.

Marrakech is full of secrets… your concierge will help unlock these secrets and ensure that your time is memorable.